We offer commitment at all levels of building project, from preparing for construction to construction management services. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services.

K N K Construction delivers its services in a number of different ways, individually tailored to the needs of the client. Whether you are looking for a general contractor, construction management or design/build company, you’ve come to the right place. We’re happy to meet with you and discuss the best delivery method for you and your project.

Regardless of the delivery method you choose, our goal will be to exceed your project expectations without comprising budget, safety or quality.

Traditional General Construction
At a time when many contractors are merely brokers of construction services, R&O cultivates an equal mix of design/build, construction management, GMP and traditional general construction work. This approach enables us to maintain our competitiveness and versatility while staying current with the latest in construction technology. While few building companies have retained the true “hands-on” expertise, we maintain a large staff of professional field superintendents, and will dedicate one superintendent who has similar project experience as your full time site manager

During construction we’ll focus on getting the project done right. We will:

  1. Complete preparatory meetings with each subcontractor to assure compliance and a commitment that they have a full understanding of the project requirements.
  2. Create an itemized schedule that we’ll live by, and then weekly maintain a 3-week-look-ahead schedule. We will incorporate long lead items into our long term schedule and utilize our pre-task program to keep subcontractors on schedule.
  3. Consider inspections, testing and documentation part of quality control. Our quality control manager will monitor subcontractor performance during the project by regularly visiting each job site, and our superintendent will continually monitor their performance on a daily basis.
  4. Regularly and accurately record and post daily reports and meeting minutes; provide access to regular project progress photos that can be viewed securely online.
  5. Generate a weekly “punch list” of items that do not meet specifications and/or K N K standards, and see that they are corrected immediately.

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